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Conference Presentations

Madhav Bansal, Sweta Dubey, Ashmeet Sachdev, Pradeeksha Mukunthraj, Anushka Jindal, Shirish Rao, Kiran Khuntia, Avanti Andhale, Siddhesh Zadey, Divya Shrinivas


Dr. Parth Sharma, Ms. Priya Chembon, Mr. Siddhesh Zadey, Mr. Raj Kalady, Dr. M R Rajagopal.

Anoushka Arora, Siddhesh Zadey, Madhurima Vuddemarry, Himanshu Iyer, Pushkar Nimkar

Anoushka Arora, Siddhesh Zadey, Madhurima Vuddemarry, Himanshu Iyer, Pushkar Nimkar

Himanshu Iyer MBBS, Pushkar Nimkar BE ,João Ricardo Nickenig Vissoci Ph.D., Siddhesh Zadey BSMS MSc-GH

Anurag Gorkar BE Student, Aamir Miyajiwala BE Student, Aryan Patil BE Student, Siddesh Zadey BSMS, MSc-GH, Avanti Andhale MBBS MRes Student

Shirish Rao MBBS Student, Pushkar Nimkar, João Ricardo Nickenig Vissoci Ph.D., Siddhesh Zadey BSMS MSc-GH

Sakshi Poddar, Avanti Andhale, Swasti Deshpande, Varad Puntambekar, Varun Gawande, Jash Gujarathi, Ayushi Patani, Nandita Venkatesan, Sharvari Mande, Maithili Kukade, Anurag Gorkar, Siddhesh Zadey

Vinayak Mishra, Siddhesh Zadey, Nanditha Venkatesan, Pushkar Nimkar, Avanti Andhale, Sweta Dubey

Siddhesh Zadey, Sweta Dubey, Mallika Kulkarni, Shalmali Satpute, Tanmay Jadhav, Aleesha Joykutty, Sharvari Mande, Aamir Miyajiwala, Aryan Patil and Joao Vissoci

Aamir Miyajiwala BE Student, Anurag Gorkar BE Student, Aryan Patil BE Student, Siddesh Zadey BSMS MSc-GH

Madhav Bansal, Sweta Dubey, Ashmeet Sachdev, Avanti Andhale, Shirish Rao,Anushka Jindal, Kiran Khuntia, Siddhesh Zadey

Swasti Deshpande, Sweta Dubey, Lokesh Krishna, Siddhesh Zadey

Population-level Surgical Incidence in India: Analysis of Nationally-representative Survey of 113,823 Households​​

Pushkar Nimkar, Siddhesh Zadey, João Ricardo Nickenig Vissoci

Indexing Access to Surgical Care in Rural India: Multi-methods Modeling and Construction of a Novel Index

Siddhesh Zadey, João Ricardo Nickenig Vissoci

Systemic Violence against Healthcare Workers in India: Situational Analysis & Review of Legislations

Aatmika Nair, Sweta Dubey, Vincy Koshy, Madhav Bansal, Swasti Deshpande, Siddhesh Zadey

Measuring Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability, and Quality of Human Resources for Health in India from 1981 to 2011

Sweta Dubey MBBS, Siddhesh Zadey BSMS MSc-GH

Correlations of Rural-Urban Differences in Geographical Health Care Access Coverage and other Access Measures: An Ecological Study of 128 Countries

Anurag Gorkar, Aamir Miyajiwala, Aryan Patil, Siddesh Zadey

Assessing Surgical care equity among disadvantaged populations in India under Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY)

Himanshu Iyer, Siddhesh Zadey

Emergency care in India: A Retrospective Cross-sectional Analysis of National Data (2019-2020)

Siddhesh Zadey, Tejali Gangane, Pushkar Nimkar, Catherine Staton, Joao Ricardo Nickenig Vissoci

Estimating the Need, Costs, and Access to Essential Surgical Care in India: A Modeling Study

Siddhesh Zadey

Phase-wise Impact Analysis of the Indian National Lockdown against COVID-19 outcomes

Vishwali Mhasawade, Siddhesh Zadey, Aatmika Nair

Blood Banks in India: A retrospective cross-sectionals analysis of blood volumes saety and regulation

Yash Kamath, Siddhesh Zadey

Why are doctors not going to rural areas?

Jeel Vasa, Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Sweta Dubey, Siddhesh Zadey

Assessing the distributional disparities in human resources for health in rural India: A longitudinal analysis of Rural Health Statistics (2005-2017)

Siddhesh Zadey, Yash Jawale, Sweta Dubey, Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Rachit Sekhrajka

Solving the measurement problem of health workforce: A longitudinal analysis of Rural Indian healthcare

Siddhesh Zadey, Sweta Dubey, Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Yash Jawale

Framework for Policymakers for Ethical Implementation of Restrictions in the Face of a Pandemic With Its Application to the COVID-19 Lockdown in India

Pradeeksha Mukuntharaj, Siddhesh Zadey, Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Sweta Dubey

Getting a C-section at a private facility, what are the odds?: Analysis of National Family Health Survey (NFHS) from India

Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Siddhesh Zadey, Nanditha Venkatesan

Bayesian Qualitative Analysis reveals the role of Implementation Anxiety in shut down of Rural Medical Assistant Programme (RMAP), India

Sweta Dubey, Siddhesh Zadey

Health Services Crisis in Rural India

Sweta Dubey, Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Siddhesh Zadey

Oxford International Health Congress 2019

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