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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Do health policies address the availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality of human resources for health? Analysis over three decades of National Health Policy of India

Sweta Dubey, Jeel Vasa, Siddhesh Zadey

Ethics-driven policy framework for implementation of movement restrictions in pandemics

Siddhesh Zadey, Surabhi Dharmadhikai, Pradeeksha Mukuntharaj

Scoping review of the state of human resources for health in India

Lokesh Krishna, Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Siddhesh Zadey

Conference Presentations

Systemic Violence against Healthcare Workers in India: Situational Analysis & Review of Legislations

Aatmika Nair, Sweta Dubey, Vincy Koshy, Madhav Bansal, Swasti Deshpande, Siddhesh Zadey

Did Better Health Systems Respond Better Early-on in COVID-19 Pandemic?: A Cross-country Ecological Association Analysis 

Vinayak Mishra MBBS, Siddhesh Zadey BSMS MSc-GH, Nanditha Venkatesan MBBS, Pushkar Nimkar BE, Avanti Andhale, Sweta Dubey MBBS

Analyzing Rural-Urban Disparities in Geographic Healthcare Access Coverage across 256 Territories

Aryan Patil BE Student, Aamir Miyajiwala BE Student, Anurag Gorkar BE Student, Siddesh Zadey BSMS MSc-GH

Catastrophic and Impoverishing expenditures due to Surgical care in India: Retrospective Analysis of Nationally Representative Survey

Himanshu Iyer MBBS, Pushkar Nimkar BE ,João Ricardo Nickenig Vissoci Ph.D., Siddhesh Zadey BSMS MSc-GH

Factors Associated with Population-level Geographic Healthcare Access Coverage: Global Ecological Analysis of 191 Countries Script

Anurag Gorkar BE Student, Aamir Miyajiwala BE Student, Aryan Patil BE Student, Siddesh Zadey BSMS, MSc-GH, Avanti Andhale MBBS MRes Student

Timely Access to Healthcare in India: Travel Time Analysis for 52,478 Primary and Community Healthcare Centers

Siddhesh Zadey BSMS MSc-GH, Lokesh Krishna MBBS

Surgical Rates and Need in Rural India: Retrospective Analysis of 666 Districts and 36 States and Union Territories

Shirish Rao MBBS Student, Pushkar Nimkar, João Ricardo Nickenig Vissoci Ph.D., Siddhesh Zadey BSMS MSc-GH

Geodatabase Synthesis of 9496 COVID-19 Treatment Centers in India

Sakshi Poddar, Avanti Andhale, Swasti Deshpande, Varad Puntambekar, Varun Gawande, Jash Gujarathi, Ayushi Patani, Nandita Venkatesan, Sharvari Mande, Maithili Kukade, Anurag Gorkar, Siddhesh Zadey

Estimating the Need, Costs, and Access to Essential Surgical Care in India: A Modeling Study

Siddhesh Zadey

Why are doctors not going to rural areas?

Jeel Vasa, Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Sweta Dubey, Siddhesh Zadey

Assessing the distributional disparities in human resources for health in rural India: A longitudinal analysis of Rural Health Statistics (2005-2017)

Siddhesh Zadey, Yash Jawale, Sweta Dubey, Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Rachit Sekhrajka

Solving the measurement problem of health workforce: A longitudinal analysis of Rural Indian healthcare

Siddhesh Zadey, Sweta Dubey, Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Yash Jawale

Measuring Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability, and Quality of Human Resources for Health in India from 1981 to 2011

Sweta Dubey MBBS, Siddhesh Zadey BSMS MSc-GH

Creating a Geodatabase of Surgical Facilities in India

Siddhesh Zadey, Sweta Dubey, Mallika Kulkarni, Shalmali Satpute, Tanmay Jadhav, Aleesha Joykutty, Sharvari Mande, Aamir Miyajiwala, Aryan Patil and Joao Vissoci

Blood Banks in India: A Retrospective Cross-sectional Analysis of Blood Volumes, Safety, and Regulation

Yash Kamath, Siddhesh Zadey

Inequalities in Global Healthcare Access Coverage. Econometric Analysis of Geospatial Estimates of 256 Territories

Aamir Miyajiwala BE Student, Anurag Gorkar BE Student, Aryan Patil BE Student, Siddesh Zadey BSMS MSc-GH

Prioritization of Surgical Care in National Policies of India : A Quantitative Document Analysis

Ritika Shetty MBBS Student, Siddhesh Zadey BSMS MSc-GH

Attention towards Sex and Gender Based Differences and Disparities in Mental Health Needs: Policy Analysis of 109 Countries

Madhav Bansal, Sweta Dubey, Ashmeet Sachdev, Avanti Andhale, Shirish Rao,Anushka Jindal, Kiran Khuntia, Siddhesh Zadey

Assessing Health Equity under Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) in India

Swasti Deshpande, Sweta Dubey, Lokesh Krishna, Siddhesh Zadey

Building the Indian Data Library (IDLI)

Jatin Terde, Kalyani Pingale, Hitesh Holkar, Tejali Gangane, Ram Pachpor, Suraj Bhor, Nikhil Gore, Sweta Dubey, Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Pushkar Nimkar and Siddhesh Zadey

Framework for Policymakers for Ethical Implementation of Restrictions in the Face of a Pandemic With Its Application to the COVID-19 Lockdown in India

Pradeeksha Mukuntharaj, Siddhesh Zadey, Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Sweta Dubey

Getting a C-section at a private facility, what are the odds?: Analysis of National Family Health Survey (NFHS) from India

Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Siddhesh Zadey, Nanditha Venkatesan

Bayesian Qualitative Analysis reveals the role of Implementation Anxiety in shut down of Rural Medical Assistant Programme (RMAP), India

Sweta Dubey, Siddhesh Zadey

Health Services Crisis in Rural India

Sweta Dubey, Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Siddhesh Zadey

Oxford International Health Congress 2019

Op-Eds and Popular Outlet Publications


133 Attacks in a Year: How India Is Failing Its Health Workers

Yash Kamath, Madhav Bansal, Siddhesh Zadey, Christina Wille, Rohini Haar

India's problem of data and deaths

Siddhesh Zadey

Solving systemic violence against healthcare workers in India

Aatmika Nair, Sweta Dubey, Vincy Koshy, Madhav Bansal, Swasti Deshpande, Siddhesh Zadey

Why Bonded Service for Doctors Has Seen Only Limited Success

Surabhi Dharmadhikari, Sweta Dubey, Siddhesh Zadey

Alcohol: Bad for Indian Outbreak, Worse for Indian Economy

Siddhesh Zadey

Constitution Day: Do We Truly Know the ‘Real’ Ambedkar?

Siddhesh Zadey

Workforce problems at rural public health-centres in India: a WISN retrospective analysis and national-level modelling study

Aatmika Nair, Yash Jawale, Sweta R. Dubey, Surabhi Dharmadhikari & Siddhesh Zadey

Unnoticed, Misunderstood, and Unaddressed: Why gender equity in global mental health matters

Siddhesh Zadey, Sweta Dubey, Pradeeksha Mukuntharaj, Ashmeet Sachdev, Anushka Jindal

Suicide and Indian Housewives

Siddhesh Zadey

Make lockdowns against COVID-19 outbreak ethical: What did we learn from Wuhan

Sweta Dubey, Siddhesh Zadey

Can the patient have a say in the cost of treatment?

Siddhesh Zadey, Jeel Vasa, Rachit Sekhrajka

Why India's Surgical Care Crisis Is Less Jigsaw, More Tetris – in Three Charts

Siddhesh Zadey

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