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Can the patient have a say in the cost of treatment?

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Alcohol: Bad for Indian Outbreak, Worse for Indian Economy


Suicide and Indian Housewives

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Why Bonded Service for Doctors Has Seen Only Limited Success

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India needs evidence-based, ethics-driven medicine

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Unnoticed, Misunderstood, and Unaddressed

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Solving systemic violence against healthcare workers in India

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Heat, Dust, Fever


Monkeypox in India—Facing the World's Latest Health Threat


133 Attacks in a Year: How India Is Failing Its Health Workers


Cancer Care Is Improving – But at Different Rates for Different People in India


When Will India End Violence Against Health Workers?


India’s policies should view human resources for health


Achieving sustainable development goal targets for health workforce


Are we measuring our health workforce shortage right?

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Opinion: Violence Against Health Workers Is Persistent. Govt Must Find a Solution.

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Medical care on India’s trains is running late, with passengers at risk | Explained

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Why India's Surgical Care Crisis Is Less Jigsaw, More Tetris – in Three Charts


A Clear Fix for a Common Birth Defect in India


HPV Vaccination and the Quest to Solve India's Cervical Cancer Problem


Constitution Day: Do We Truly Know the ‘Real’ Ambedkar?

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Helping Doctors Reach Rural India


Could telemedicine make universal health care a reality in India?


Rural areas need human resources for health


Where does India stand with its human resources for health?

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We Cannot Tackle Maternal Mortality Without Surgical, Obstetric, and Anesthesia Care

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Global surgery: why access to essential surgery is important

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Four reasons why India should invest in surgical care

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