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ASAR is a section-8 non-profit company. Our members are volunteers that undergo a structured selection process consisting of interviews and short trial projects. We function via online communication, and our members are present all around the world! We organize routine activities (talks, seminars, etc.) amongst members. These meets are also the hot pot where ASAR's ideas brew! 


We are loyal to the notion of need-based research (a debatable notion resolved by the consensus of the members). We don't work on problems that can get us funded but rather try to get funding for the problems that need to be solved. The problems are brought to the table by the stakeholders (Members and Advisors). We flexibly move across multiple research disciplines and methods. In all our work, from local qualitative surveys to global analyses, from public health to welfare politics, our commitment to evidence-driven public opinions and discourse persists uniformly.



While the ultimate goal is to facilitate evidence-based policymaking and informing public discourse, intermediate outcomes should include - reports and articles in academic and popular outlets, discussions with policy-makers, media outreach towards the public.

Annual Report

Annual Report

Annual Report


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