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Mental Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Substance Use Disorders & Self-harm

Gender in Mental Health Policies

Gender-based disparities in mental health and MNSS-linked disability and death persist throughout the world. We highlight the extent to which global mental health-related policies acknowledge and address these differences. 

Scale up of psychological care of depression and alcohol use

Although India accounts for about 18% and 15% of the global burden of depressive and alcohol use disorders, mental health expenditure only makes up 0.7% of the government health expenditure. 

COVID and Mental Health System

The COVID-19 pandemic had wide-ranging effects on the population’s mental health. We aimed to review the state of India’s mental healthcare planning, identify the gaps in the health systems and policies, and present cost-effective and scalable solutions. 

Economic burden of self-harm

In India, 12 suicide deaths per 100,000 people were reported in 2022. Suicide and mental health problems are still cloaked behind other communicable and non-communicable diseases. The economic value of lives lost due to suicide in Indian states is largely unknown.

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