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Violence Against Healthcare Workers in India

Status: Ongoing

Topic Tags: violence against healthcare workers, India, workplace violence

SDG Tags:  Good Health and Well-being; Decent Work and Economic Growth; Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Scope: India

Sponsors: None

ASAR Members involved: Anoushka Arora, Divya Shrinivas, Aatmika Nair, Siddhesh Zadey, Uma Gupta

Collaborators: Insecurity Insight


Violence against Healthcare Workers is a chronic problem in India that needs addressing. 3 out of 4 doctors have experienced some form of violence in their workplaces. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a steep rise in the number of instances of VAHCW. 

ASAR has collaborated with Insecurity Insight - a non-profit organisation that documents threats faced by people who live or work in dangerous environments - to collect data on VAHCW. We also reviewed the data on VAHCW in India and the existing laws to protect HCWs in various states and union territories. 

Research Aims

The main aims were 

  1. To analyse the burden of VAHCW in India.

  2. To review the existing laws to protect HCWs in various states and union territories and identify gaps in them.

  3. To suggest solutions to curb the problem of VAHCW. 

Advocacy Aims

ASAR has started a public petition asking lawmakers to bring forth necessary legislative reforms to protect India’s HCW. This includes a stringent central law to protect the country’s HCWs, strict enforcement of the existing state laws, and setting up state-level monitoring cells to maintain a database on VAHCW incidents. The petition also aims to bring about a positive behavioural change in the community towards HCWs by creating awareness. 

The petition stands out from the earlier ones in that it has specific asks from the central and state governments and advocates evidence-based decision-making. Moreover, it is inclusive of all HCWs, not only doctors.

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