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Palliative Care and Insurance

Status: Ongoing

Topic Tags: Palliative care, India

SDG Tags: Good Health and Well-being

Scope: India

Sponsors: None

ASAR Volunteers involved: Parth Sharma, Pubali Biswas


A large proportion of the Indian population seeks healthcare in private centres, which is associated with a high out-of-pocket expenditure (OOPE). Health insurance can help in avoiding this OOPE. With the rising need for palliative care and the changing trend of diseases in India, it is essential to assess the health service coverage in the domain of palliative care provided by private health insurance companies.

Research Aims

To assess the coverage of palliative care services in private health insurance plans in India.

Advocacy Aims

The evidence will be used to advocate for better coverage of palliative care services in private insurance plans.

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