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Palliative Care and Essential Drug Lists

Status: Ongoing

Topic Tags: Palliative care, India

SDG Tags: Good Health and Well-being

Scope: India

Sponsors: None

ASAR Volunteers involved: Parth Sharma, Disha Agrawal, Divya Shrinivas

Collaborators: Dr MR Rajagopal, Dr Arun Ghoshal 


Drugs are one of the most essential components of palliative care service delivery. National or state-level essential drug lists guide the public health centres in India. Drugs mentioned in these lists can be made available for people seeking care at these centres. Hence, analysing these lists to look for deficiencies concerning drugs used in palliative care is essential to improve access to affordable palliative care in India.

Research Aims

To analyse the adequacy of national and state essential drug lists to address palliative care needs and to propose a specific list of palliative care drugs for India that should be present in all public drug lists.

Advocacy Aims

The evidence generated will inform the central and state governments to update their essential drug lists concerning drugs for palliative care.

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