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Workforce problems at rural public health-centres in India: a WISN retrospective analysis and national-level modelling study

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Can the patient have a say in the cost of treatment?

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Alcohol: Bad for Indian Outbreak, Worse for Indian Economy

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A longitudinal analysis of Rural
Health Statistics (2005-2017)

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Scoping Review of the State of Human Resources for Health in India

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Why Bonded Service for Doctors Has Seen Only Limited Success

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Unnoticed, Misunderstood, and Unaddressed

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Ethics-driven policy framework for implementation of movement restrictions in pandemics

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India's problem of data and deaths


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Solving systemic violence against healthcare workers in India

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Why are Health Workers not Going to Rural Areas?

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Why India's Surgical Care Crisis Is Less Jigsaw, More Tetris – in Three Charts

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Getting a C-section at a private facility, what are the odds?

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