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Workforce problems at rural public health-centres in India: a WISN retrospective analysis and national-level modelling study

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The data quality debate on Indian surveys should be more responsible

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Who drive the health policy agenda in India? Actors in National Health Committees since Independence

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Integrating schemes could be beneficial but requires supportive evidence

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How can TB Mukt Panchayat initiative contribute towards ending tuberculosis in India?

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Unmet need for cancer palliative care in India

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Adequacy of essential opioid analgesic consumption for anesthesia across 137 countries and territories from 2017 to 2021

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Scoping Review of the State of Human Resources for Health in India

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A Review of Telemedicine Guidelines in the South-East Asia Region

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The cost of cancer care in India requires careful reporting and interpretation

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Local Sociocultural Practice Specific Financial Toxicity Assessment Tool for Cancer: An Emerging Need

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Look-alike, sound-alike (LASA) drugs in India

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Assessment of Accessibility, Availability, and Need of Cardiac Care at Primary Health Care Centres in Vadodara District of India: The CardioGram Pilot Project

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Prioritization of Surgical, Obstetric, Trauma, and Anesthesia Care in South and Southeast Asian Countries’ Health Planning and Policymaking

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Ethics-driven policy framework for implementation of movement restrictions in pandemics

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India's problem of data and deaths



Evaluating the status of the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery indicators for India


Solving endgame problems for 1·4 billion people in India


Ending violence against healthcare workers in India: A bill for a billion


India’s path towards better mental health in a pandemic


Analyzing Surgical Volumes, Rates, and Need in Rural India

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Prioritization of surgical, obstetric, trauma, and anesthesia care in India over seven decades: A systematic analysis of policy documents


Evolution of Government-funded health insurance for universal health coverage in India

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District-Wise Treatment Gaps and Hospitalizations in Under-Five Children With Diarrhea in India


Measuring timely geographical access to surgical care in India: a geospatial modelling study


Do health policies address the availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality of human resources for health? Analysis over three decades of National Health Policy of India


Phase-wise Impact Analysis of the Indian National Lockdown against COVID-19 Outcomes


Roadblocks and Solutions to Planning Surgical Care for a Billion Indians

Scale-up costs and societal benefits of psychological interventions for alcohol use and depressive disorders in India
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India's ascendancy: getting the context and data right
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Cost-Benefit Analysis for Universal Cataract Coverage in India for 2018
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Achieving Surgical, Obstetric, Trauma & Anesthesia (SOTA) Care for All in South Asia
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Data considerations in measuring stillbirths in India
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Barriers and Facilitators for the Use of Telehealth by Healthcare Providers (HCP) in India - A Scoping Review
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Indexing Blood Banking Performance in India: A Retrospective Cross-Sectional Analysis of States and Districts
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Global Analysis of Adequacy of Prescription Opioid Consumption across 214 Countries and Territories
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Disease and Economic Burden of Stillbirths in India in 2019
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Population-level surgical rates and unmet need in India: a retrospective analysis of districts and states from 2011 to 2019.
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