Research and Popular Publications

Some of our older work was published under the name Alliance for Socially Applicable Research, which was formally changed to Association for Socially Applicable Research after registration as a section 8 company.

ASAR Policy Forum

India is a country of a billion people and the world’s largest democracy. We find ourselves and people around us getting involved in several informal discussions criticizing or supporting government actions and policy processes. These discussions and critiques are indications of our desire to contribute to democratic nation-building. However, the suggestions and feedbacks that represent the Voice of Nation are largely fragmented and do not reach the policymakers in a consolidated constructive manner. As a move towards citizen-centric governance and policymaking, the Government of India releases drafts of several national policy documents for public perusal and feedback. The idea of the ASAR Policy Forum is to provide structured consensus-driven multi-stakeholder feedback to these drafts. We aim to create a medium where people can voice their opinions which can be then directed in a manner that can make a difference. 

Drone Policy Suggestions

Read about our suggestions to the Government of India about Drones and their Privacy Concerns

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